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2020欧洲杯在线网址Please click for letter from Mr Sharp, AP Coordinator at MHS for AP updates and links.

Dear Parents/Guardians of AP Students, 


I am Mr. Sharp, the AP Coordinator for Milford High School, and I would like to pass along updated information on AP exams for this school year.  There have been many changes due to the COVID-19 closures and I’ve put the highlights below. As always, you can access this information on the AP website at.


·         This year, AP exams will be taken electronically at home and from personal devices, such as a laptop or smartphone. 

·         The exams will be 45 minutes long and students are responsible for keeping track of their time.

·         Students will be allowed to utilize books and/or notes….but cheating will not be tolerated, and if caught, College Board will send information to any college that you send a score to.  Specific information about the format of exams can be found on the College Board website.

·         The Spanish exam will include a speaking portion – be sure to find a quiet spot to take the test so your recording is not impacted.

·         The testing schedule has changed and the new schedule can be found at the following link: 

·         If students do not have internet access or a device to take the test, please fill out the following College Board request by ‪April 24th

·         It is very important that you ensure the email that is linked to your College Board account is a personal email.  Students will receive their login credentials at their provided email address (the one you registered on College Board) a few days before your test.  If a student used their school email address please log in and change your email to a personal email. Your school email address will not work. If the student does provide a personal email they will not receive the link to the exams. 

·         If you would like to cancel your exam for any reason please email Mr. Sharp to discuss your options. 

·         Our expectation is that all students take the test on the first test date – anyone who needs to take the later exam will need to clear it with Mr. Sharp via email as soon as possible: Email Mr. Sharp at: msharp@msd.k12.de.us 

·         Finally, if you have not paid your AP test fees you can do so on the following link:

·         If you qualify, there is still time to request a fee reduction. You can request the reduced fee until April 24th by emailing Mr.Sharp at msharp@msd.k12.de.us


As I hear more information, I will send it to AP teachers to push out to students. If you have any questions about AP Exams, please feel free to email me.  I’ll do my best to get your question answered in a timely manner.


Mike Sharp

School Counselor

Milford High School

AP Coordinator


Educational Excellence for the Success of All Students