Gifted & Talented

The Milford School District’s goal for its Gifted and Talented Education Program, also known as Talent Enrichment and Acceleration in Milford (TEAM), is to make certain that Milford School district students can consistently access learning opportunities that are challenging, systematic, and continuous based on learning profile, readiness, and student interest. 

In order to ensure this occurs, we will provide multiple opportunities for learning and growth of identified gifted students including large and small, heterogeneous and homogeneous groups, as well as individualized instruction.  


(1) promote critical thinking and reasoning abilities
(2) develop and expand creative thinking skills
(3) meet the social and emotional needs of our gifted learners
(4) enrich the educational process of high ability students
(5) facilitate social and emotional growth. 

As students’ progress, cognitive and affective gains will be seen in the short term utilizing qualitative data measures as well as quantitative performance measures. As students advance through the program, they are encouraged to demonstrate their talents in our high school’s Advanced Placement, Honors, and Dual-Enrollment course offerings.

To guide this process, a council comprised of community members, families, administration and early childhood, elementary and secondary teachers meets quarterly to discuss the needs and success of these students.

Educational Excellence for the Success of All Students