21st Century Grant - 4-H Program

Collaborating with Milford School District, UD Cooperative Extension 4-H provides 4-H Afterschool and Summer programming for students at Milford High School and the Milford Central Academy. Through the 4-H framework our program works to increase the attendance/academic achievement of participating students, improve the school connectedness of participants through collaborative partnerships with families and caregivers, school teachers, administrators and other community stakeholders, and provide 4-H enrichment activities in order to increase the capacity of participants to become productive adults.  

To achieve these goals 4-H uses curriculum focusing on leadership, healthy living, college and career readiness, STEAM, independent living skills, and service learning opportunities.  4-H staff work with families and school teachers/administrators and staff to address the types of additional academic, social, and emotional supports program participants need to thrive.  One of the main attributes that makes 4-H unique is its flexibility in terms of delivery modes.

As the nation’s largest youth development organization, 4-H offers curriculum and programming in a vast array of project/subject areas allowing programs to be tailored to the interests of the participants. Components of the 4-H Afterschool programs include daily homework help, tutoring, hands on enrichment activities, field trips, and nutritious well-balanced snacks/meals provided through the Food Bank of Delaware's Child and Adult Care Food Program during the school year and the Delaware Summer Feeding program during the summer, and bus transportation from the afterschool program and to and from the summer program.

Educational Excellence for the Success of All Students